The training develops a strong understanding of the necessary management techniques to implement continuous improvement processes in factories to overcome challenges with regard to social, environmental, and human rights standards. The management techniques are explained and practiced based on typical challenges with regard to these three areas in factories.

Among others the training addresses methodologies:

  • to find the true causes, why a factory fails to deliver certainaspects of environmental, social or human rights responsibility (“root cause analysis”),
  • to build and establish strong remedies to overcome the identified problems by developing policies and procedures, establishing organizational structures and control mechanisms, and by
  • developing processes to establish an own supply chain improvement programme.

Key content areas to further amplify and practice these methodologies are:

  • operational health & safety, working time & payment
  • energy efficiency & carbon footprint, chemical management & handling

At the end of the training, the participant is enabled to establish comprehensive and well-functioning improvements on a systematic level, for environmental and social responsibility practices in his/her factory and supply chain. Furthermore, the participant gained a deep knowledge of the business relevance of environmental, social and human rights responsibilities as well as a good understanding of the challenges in the key areas addressed.


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