Target Group

Suitable factories: factories which have some experience with social and environmental audits but are not yet consistently compliant with key social, environmental and human rights standards. Typically, these factories show systematic difficulties in obtaining good results in environmental and social audits (i.e. not top results but results that point out areas to be improved) or in other management related areas, such as quality or reliability (production planning etc.).

Suitable participants: Two factory managers of one factory who are familiar with the environmental and social challenges in their factory and industry and who have a responsibility in their factory to overcome these challenges. The managers have around five years work experience in their industry and are also familiar with the key manufacturing challenges as well as customer demands. Typically, the managers come from departments such as CSR, HR, Production Management and belong to the middle management of a factory. Participants should have a job function that reports, on a regular basis, to the top management, whose support is necessary to carry out the corrective actions in the factory.

It is expected that the training participants have a variety of backgrounds and different levels of experience. This supports lively workshops and establishes strong peer group bonding. Therefore, it is desirable to have a mixed group of participants who oscillate around the above made requirements.