Our Training Programme

The programme combines six days of training with five assignments and one factory visit. Learn more about the components of the programme here.

Our Training

Participating in econchain empowers suppliers to integrate environmental and social standards. We teach concrete steps and cross-sectoral tools in combination with necessary expertise for a sustainable supply chain management. The concept is not solely based on lectures, but interactive learning and discussing concrete cases. econchain is unique due to this interactive exchange and the in-depth expertise provided by this training programme. Econchain welcomes any business. Become a part of it!


6 Workshops

In six separate full-day workshops, extensive knowledge on environmental, social and human right standards is combined with directly applicable management tools.

5 Take-Home Assignmentst

Through assignments after each workshop-day participants revise topics and implement them in the context of their factory.

1 Factory Visit

Trainers visit each participating fabric to address specific questions and topics.


In workshops 1 + 2 participants are familiarized with management-tools and their application as the foundation of sustainable processes and practice.

Social Responsibility

In workshops 3 + 4 participants learn to apply these tools in the context of social compliance (e.g. working hours, health and safety, discrimination).

Ecological Sustainability

In workshop 5 + 6 participants learn to apply these tools in the context of environmental protection (e.g. issues related to energy efficiency, handling of chemicals and waste).

Upcoming Trainings

You can register for our upcoming trainings here.

Short version

We now offer a short version of the training. You can find further information here.